Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret

I finally got to see one of the fabulously entertaining live performance shows by Martha Graham Cracker, a drag queen-style singer, at L’Etage in Philadelphia.

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Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five, Guster concert


Great $72.50 seats at the beautiful Mann Center, moderately priced concert food, tons of humid heat and lots of dancing with SACM.

We had fun and then took the long walk out of the venue, walking for the Mann’s skyline view.

I’ve listened to Guster, Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies since my older sister introduced me to them while I was in high school. It was great to hear some new songs and many I knew.

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A week in the dense, central heart of Panama, the small, narrow pathway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans was the memorable international trip I was privileged to get the chance to take on this month.

Panama, a country of less than 4 million people on land less than that of Pennsylvania, is best known for its powerful Panama Canal that was American operated until 1999. Until 1989, it was run by the dangerous despot Manuel Noriega but since then democracy has flourished and, with the New York Times profile in toe, is growing its tourism sector to try to compete with more popular Belize and Costa Rica.

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Boom Boom Caberet story at First Person Arts Story Slam

I told a ROAD TRIP story at the latest First Person Arts Story Slam. It was, looking back, a little racy for the audience, so I hope you enjoy it — five minutes or so. Maybe NSFW. Give it a watch

It was my first time telling a story in a public setting like that, in this case part of the popular Story Slam series from the nonprofit First Person Arts. I had told this story first for Story Shuffle, but cut it down by half.

Police helicopter shift


As part of my LEADERSHIP class, I won the chance to join half of a four-hour police helicopter shift this evening. We were in the air for more than 90 minutes, leaving from Northeast Philadelphia airport.

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On top of Philadelphia City Hall


SACM and I took a tour of City Hall, ending with a cool few minutes at the top of the world’s largest masonry building, near a 37-foot cast iron statue of William Penn.

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Christmas 2012


After a Friday evening Story Shuffle and Christmas party, I spent Christmas Eve with SACM’s family and took a bus and LIRR to family for Christmas day.

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Third annual Herzfest features Anthony de Costa

My friend Mike Herz, a teacher, basketball player and musician, hosted the third annual Herzfest, his end-of-summer, singer-songwriter acoustic music party.

In addition to his opening and a great performance from Thomas Wesley Stern, the show was headlined by young star Anthony de Costa. Watch their work below.

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Mike Herz plays ‘Graduation Day’ at World Cafe Live

My good friend Mike Herzenberg, with whom I’ve played basketball for years, came up to play at World Cafe Live at one of the best, most varied open mics I’ve heard.

Check out Mike Herz, whose singer-songwriter acoustic folk is something I rather enjoy.

Watch him playing his song Graduation Day.

Flash mob pillow fight

In Washington Square Park in Old City Philadelphia today.

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