Today Show (live on the set of the national morning show)

I am not exactly a Today Show kind of guy.

But, in helping to organize getting my boss on air, I took a train to New York yesterday (with time to eat) and, I’ll admit, it was certainly cool watching the hundreds of people shout toward the NBC morning show hosts, including Matt Lauer, who, was, you know, like, just walking around me.

Even if you don’t particularly care about the little guy in the suit, it’s interesting when a couple thousand people around you do.

National TV

This is worth redoing, but today was the airing of the episode of The Price is Right I saw in January.

So, while I was hardly a fixture or in the spotlight, I was clearly spotted by a TV camera, hugging a young gentlemen who was called to join the game.

I have a VHS of the shot, now I just need to get it in digital format. For the time being, trust me, K?

Image from Rentold.

David Letterman

Price is Right

Something every college student and elderly person alive in the 1990s had to do. Here’s my analysis from a story I wrote for The Temple News.

Your chance to enjoy one of the great American college experiences will soon be lost. Bob Barker, the legendary host of the famed game show “The Price is Right”, is set to retire in June. For 35 years, he was the first and only host of the lone show that could bring together the elderly and those college students who could wake up for its 11 a.m. time slot.

When Barker decided to retire in October 2006, I knew that, though I hadn’t watched the show in years, I had to see one of our country’s great cultural institutions before he left. I had been out of the country and traveling, but I finally found an opportunity (and a few hundred dollars) to book a plane ticket and hotel in Los Angeles.

I requested a ticket for “The Price is Right” online and, with a provisional audience ticket in hand, I was ready. [Source]

I even was spotted on national TV, hugging a chap who went screaming to play the game. Oh, what a joy. I will soon get video up.

Photo from Sodahead.