Seattle: a long-weekend in the Pacific Northwest

Standing on the observation deck of the iconic Space Needle in Seattle.

Early this morning, I got home from a jam-packed, long weekend in Seattle, visiting my friend Matt Sheehan, who was receiving some treatment there.

Some of my favorite experiences:

  • Pike Place Market — The city’s very famous, very cool open-air market near to the. Going there during a weekday was key to seeing it live.
  • Space Needle — As depicted above, I made sure to get to the top of the famed Space Needle.
  • Halibut sandwich — With clam chowder and slaw for lunch, right in one of the stands at Pike Place. Photo here.
  • Nirvana — Yes, man, I listened to the 1990s grunge metal heads who originated here as much as I could.
  • Mass Transit— I rode the trolly — new one, not the old one — and the light rail line from the airport to the center city.
  • Starbucks — The first product I ever bought at any Starbucks was a latte at the original location, near Pike Place.
  • Great Alaskan Salmon sandwich — It might not look like much, but this meal, on a beautiful, little tourist island, was likely one of the best meals I ever had. The Salmon was so fresh, with so many tastes, and played so nicely with the slaw and a buttery ciabatti roll.
  • Eat and drink generally — I had lots of local beer and all the fresh fish I could get my hands on.
  • Iced Coffees — From lots of local places.
  • Sports arenas — Like mass transit, something I am always interested in seeing when visiting other U.S. cities are their altars for sport.
  • University of Washington — I walked the campus and ate on its main strip.
  • Walking, walking walking — It’s what I love to do. I was blessed with beautiful weather!

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