Compost Co-op volunteer day and Temple football


In July, I joined the Philadelphia Compost Co-op, which happens to have its main drop-off just a few blocks from my home.

Since then, each week, I drop off a little coffee container of non-meat, organic material and food waste. I paid $20 for the privilege and try to make it out to quarterly group volunteer days, and I get some soil come spring in exchange. It also just feels good to do something better with my food waste.

I made it out to my first compost volunteer day, which was in the beautiful Palmer Cemetery this Saturday.

After composting, SACM and I took hoagies to meet friends and watch a heartbreaking but entertaining Temple football loss to UCF.

Rock climbing


On Friday, we went rock climbing at Allamuchy State Park in NJ in the Sussex Branch Trailhead.

More photos below.

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Paint ball


We went to play at Lehigh Valley Paintball this weekend.

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Temple men’s basketball beats VCU


Patrick and I watched an exciting and dominant win for Temple men’s basketball over VCU heading into March Madness. We had great $30 tickets and a couple $6 beers.

I also ended up on Temple’s new big screen more times than I can remember.

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Handgun firearm practice


Though I inherited some modest .22 gauge rifles from my grandfather and have used one in shooting ranges a few times, I’ve long wanted to become more familiar with handguns, both for comfort and for perhaps future use.

Today, with a Living Social deal of a one-hour safety training seminar and shooting range practice for three people for $75, I did just that at the Gun Range above Spring Garden Street near 10th Street above the Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia.

After a half hour of training, I used a half hour of training time, armed with a small, simple, cheap .22 gauge Ruger handgun, with limited recoil at the request of the person with whom I attended. Good experience, I shot fairly well, am more aware and will want to practice more in the future.

Eagles locker room

As a part of a leadership class, I had the chance to visit the Eagles locker room yesterday.

When you visit the Eagles locker room, everyone stands in line to take pics of the Vick and Desean Jackson lockers. Me? I made a bee line to see the pre game home of 6’10”, 330 lbs offensive lineman King Dunlap

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20th annual Freddy Adams Tournament

After a great showing last year and riding into the semi-finals, my friends Mike Herzenberg and Scott Hoffman joined me in a disappointing first round exist in the 20th annual Freddy Adams 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Eh, it was still a fun weekend, as we played the guitar, toured Philadelphia and more.

Phillies beat Rockies in the 9th inning

It was a fun game on a beautiful day with SACM and her family (and lots of hoagies).

Dodgeball in Philadelphia Sports Network

Updated: find photos from our second season here.

The Fishtown Fish came in fourth place out of 10 teams in the 2011 Philadelphia Sports Network co-ed dodgeball league.

Led by Captain Patch, the nine of us league-first-timers started 0-2 but were then undefeated through the rest of the weekly Thursday night season, until we lost our last meaningless game, going an overall 4-3-1.

Played at the 12th Street Gym in the Gayborhood neighborhood of Center City, the matches are played six versus six players at a time, each side on one half of a basketball court. Hit someone with a ball, that player is out. Catch a throw, the thrower is out and you bring one of your players who was out back in.

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Bicycling over the Ben Franklin Bridge [VIDEO]

Today, Big Timbs and I took a quick bicycle ride across the Ben Franklin Bridge, almost two miles long. The bridge between Philadelphia and Camden presents some beautiful views, particularly at sunset. We were riding along the bridge between 6 and 6:30pm.

See some photos on Facebook here. Check out video below.

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