George Saunders


After enjoying hearing him and Jonathan Dee give readings of their latest work and take questions from the Free Library audience, I was honored to spend a couple hours with a few friends drinking with acclaimed fiction writer George Saunders in the Lowes hotel bar.

The author, whom I first read in 2006, was more than generous with his time and said a number of things I found really interesting.

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‘Even Cowgirls get the Blues:’ my favorite passages from the 1976 Tom Robbins novel on individuality


Individuality is a heavy load is among the largest themes of the 1976 Tom Robbins novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues that I recently finished.

Last year, I read and loved Robbins’ book ‘Still Life with Woodpecker,’ but I think I liked this even more.

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The Sun Also Rises: favorite passages from the 1926 Ernest Hemingway classic

While taking train rides between the northeast section of Spain en route to meeting up with old friends at the San Fermin Festival, there is nothing else to be read other than the 1926 classic novel ‘The Sun Also Rises‘ from Ernest Hemingway, which follows a similar route.

Though some of Hemingway’s other works are seen as challenging, this is more approachable — if a major story line can easily be lost in the first reading, at least for me. Still, the theme of the savagery of love, life and bullfighting seemed to easily hit home. Though bullfighting and the running of the bulls have gone on for centuries, it was Hemingway who helped inspire the romanticism of the sport and festival that attracts people like myself, so it felt right to read it while traveling.

The first third of the book seemed like a period piece. The second third set up the real story for me, and the last third was really the beautiful novel I came to expect.

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Still Life with Woodpecker: my favorite passages from the Tom Robbins 1980 ‘post modern fairy tale’

Still Life with Woodpecker, the 1980 ‘post modern fairy tale’ from Tom Robbins that follows the affair of an environmentalist princess and an outlaw, has to be one of my favorite novels.

It was the first novel from the irreverent and celebrated Robbins, and I love his ability to intersperse his own philosophy into his characters and story arc. Below, I share some of my favorite passages from the book.

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Fahrenheit 451: my favorite passages from Ray Bradbury’s classic

I finally dug into the 1951 American dystopian classic novel ‘Fahrenheit 451‘ by Ray Bradbury. It focuses on a world in the future in which firemen play a very different role, with a message of anti-censorship. If you need a refresher on the book, check out this wrap video here.

It quickly became one of my favorite novels. I wanted to share a few of my favorite lines and my favorite passage from the book.

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