Mural Arts dinner




We visited the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

6th annual Gaul Street block party


It was our first block party on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. It was a smaller crowd but an active one.

We had our 90s cover band out again and a slip and slide.

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Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret

I finally got to see one of the fabulously entertaining live performance shows by Martha Graham Cracker, a drag queen-style singer, at L’Etage in Philadelphia.

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Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five, Guster concert


Great $72.50 seats at the beautiful Mann Center, moderately priced concert food, tons of humid heat and lots of dancing with SACM.

We had fun and then took the long walk out of the venue, walking for the Mann’s skyline view.

I’ve listened to Guster, Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies since my older sister introduced me to them while I was in high school. It was great to hear some new songs and many I knew.

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7th annual Chester County Hot Air Balloon Festival


Today, SACM and I enjoyed the 7th annual Chester County Hot Air Balloon Festival today.

Jury Duty


Last August, I was due for Jury Duty. As I was instructed by the form mailed to me, I called an information hotline the night before and was told that I wasn’t needed.

I breathed a little sigh of relief because, though in April 2010, I was very moved by a Common pleas judge imploring residents to take jury duty seriously (saying: “People with jobs do everything they can to get out, so who do you think is left?”), I was equally nervous about taking a day off from work and how behind that would put me.

But then I got a notice again in April for a June date. Dutifully I called again, but this time I was told to report, which I did, Friday, June 7 to the Criminal Justice Center in Center City Philadelphia.

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I’m in a digital divide PSA on SEPTA subway trains


The digital divide will continue to grow as job attainment becomes more web-based and those who fail to access the digital revolution. That’s the central message of a public service announcement campaign from the KEYSPOT initiative from the City of Philadelphia, and, as an issue I care deeply about, I accepted the chance to be included in a photo shoot that has resulted in me landing on that advertising campaign on SEPTA subway cars.

First spotted by Gloria Bell.

Center City skyline seen from Lowe’s 33rd floor hotel


On the 33rd floor of the PSFS building is among the better views of the Center City Philadelphia skyline.

I finally got up there tonight.

Police helicopter shift


As part of my LEADERSHIP class, I won the chance to join half of a four-hour police helicopter shift this evening. We were in the air for more than 90 minutes, leaving from Northeast Philadelphia airport.

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