European Backpacking


From Oct. 1 to Nov. 4, 2008, my friend Sean Blanda and I backpacked Europe. We chronicled our experience at

See our stops and some video below.

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Eiffel Tower

Good fun after playing some basketball.


It may seem self-involved, but I suppose in April 2000, when I wrote my original list, the Internet was an amazing concept.

I wanted my own domain, and nothing short of a dot com. So today I bought it: See my original post, scheduled for tomorrow.

I am unsure if I will regularly blog, a concept I have only regularly done for a few months now, with The Temple News, but I am certain it will be a front for my professional work for a long time to come.

Branding is important and as the Internet expands and domains popularize, there is no beating my own name with a dotcom.

Great Wall of China (Hiking the world’s most iconic fence)

Great Wall of China

Mount Rushmore

Here with Michael Butler



Plumbing: Summer 2005, in a work relationship that would continue on weekends and semester breaks, I learned plenty working with a man who has become a close family friend.

Photo courtesy of TRM Plumbing.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting: April 2005, with two friends and a company on the Delaware in northeastern Pennsylvania, we traversed several miles after a winter thaw. We can do better yet.

Photo courtesy of Honeymoon Guide.

Philly cheesesteak

Enjoying a cheesesteak with my parents at Pats King of Steaks during Temple Universitys homecoming weekend in October 2005.

Enjoying a cheesesteak with my parents at Pat's King of Steaks during Temple University's homecoming weekend in October 2005.

When I was 14, little did I know I would go to college and fall in love with Philadelphia. But cheesesteaks sounded delicious and Philly seemed a world away. I can remember traveling to Philly when I was less than 10. I was scared to eat one. I recall my father indulging, but not me.

A few years later, I apparently changed my tune. Cheesesteaks became interesting enough to me to be among my original 26 items.

I finally got my wish after a tour of Temple University. I’ve had plenty since from all the great locations, but, of course, I started at Pat’s.

Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery: May 20, 2004, after school, a friend asked me to fill in for him at Villa Capri at the Ames Plaza. I made nearly $100 in cash pay and tips on the first night, so I kept an occasional presence there for most of the summer and still love the pizza there.

Pro sports field

Go on a professional sports field/court: Aug. 20, 2003, I followed a line of fans onto Fenway Park field before a game against the Oakland Athletics. I managed to walk past on the red dirt towards the grass of the playing field where batting practice and Peter Gammons were before being yelled at and escorted off the field.

Photo courtesy of Baseball Pilgrimages.