Seattle: a long-weekend in the Pacific Northwest

Standing on the observation deck of the iconic Space Needle in Seattle.

Early this morning, I got home from a jam-packed, long weekend in Seattle, visiting my friend Matt Sheehan, who was receiving some treatment there.

Some of my favorite experiences:

  • Pike Place Market — The city’s very famous, very cool open-air market near to the. Going there during a weekday was key to seeing it live.
  • Space Needle — As depicted above, I made sure to get to the top of the famed Space Needle.
  • Halibut sandwich — With clam chowder and slaw for lunch, right in one of the stands at Pike Place. Photo here.
  • Nirvana — Yes, man, I listened to the 1990s grunge metal heads who originated here as much as I could.
  • Mass Transit— I rode the trolly — new one, not the old one — and the light rail line from the airport to the center city.
  • Starbucks — The first product I ever bought at any Starbucks was a latte at the original location, near Pike Place.
  • Great Alaskan Salmon sandwich — It might not look like much, but this meal, on a beautiful, little tourist island, was likely one of the best meals I ever had. The Salmon was so fresh, with so many tastes, and played so nicely with the slaw and a buttery ciabatti roll.
  • Eat and drink generally — I had lots of local beer and all the fresh fish I could get my hands on.
  • Iced Coffees — From lots of local places.
  • Sports arenas — Like mass transit, something I am always interested in seeing when visiting other U.S. cities are their altars for sport.
  • University of Washington — I walked the campus and ate on its main strip.
  • Walking, walking walking — It’s what I love to do. I was blessed with beautiful weather!

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Memphis Blues

Golden Gate Bridge

Pacific Coast Highway

Michael Butler glides along the Pacific Coast Highway south of Los Angeles

Michael Butler glides along the Pacific Coast Highway south of Los Angeles

During my 2007 cross country trip from San Diego to Philadelphia with Michael Butler and Matt Sheehan, I crossed more than ten items off my list. The first was driving along the Pacific Highway, beautiful Route One mostly along the Pacific coast of California.

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