Muck Fest Tough Mudder Philadelphia


I ran my first ever Muck Fest, as a way to raise funds for MS, held near the Newtown square HQ of SAP.

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Assateague Island National Seashore


Assateague National Park on this 37-mile barrier island south of Ocean City, Maryland is famed for its 300 wild horses, managed by a contraceptive darting program. Here is one at the park entrance

Fairhill Square Park Pay It Forward project

This is Puerto Rican artist Rafael Ferrer re-dedicating his "El Gran Teatro de la Luna" in Fairhill Square Park at 4th and Lehigh

This is Puerto Rican artist Rafael Ferrer re-dedicating his “El Gran Teatro de la Luna” in Fairhill Square Park at 4th and Lehigh

My Leadership Philadelphia class prompted the work, and I’m so happy I got the encouragement.

Asked to do a ‘Pay it Forward’ project in which we committed some volunteer time to a neighborhood in Philadelphia that none of our team members lived, worked or already volunteered in, we ended up cleaning, mulching, picking up trash and other work in Fairhill Square Park near Kensington ahead of a rededication for a beautiful piece of art.

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I’m in a digital divide PSA on SEPTA subway trains


The digital divide will continue to grow as job attainment becomes more web-based and those who fail to access the digital revolution. That’s the central message of a public service announcement campaign from the KEYSPOT initiative from the City of Philadelphia, and, as an issue I care deeply about, I accepted the chance to be included in a photo shoot that has resulted in me landing on that advertising campaign on SEPTA subway cars.

First spotted by Gloria Bell.

George Saunders


After enjoying hearing him and Jonathan Dee give readings of their latest work and take questions from the Free Library audience, I was honored to spend a couple hours with a few friends drinking with acclaimed fiction writer George Saunders in the Lowes hotel bar.

The author, whom I first read in 2006, was more than generous with his time and said a number of things I found really interesting.

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Center City skyline seen from Lowe’s 33rd floor hotel


On the 33rd floor of the PSFS building is among the better views of the Center City Philadelphia skyline.

I finally got up there tonight.

Police helicopter shift


As part of my LEADERSHIP class, I won the chance to join half of a four-hour police helicopter shift this evening. We were in the air for more than 90 minutes, leaving from Northeast Philadelphia airport.

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Temple men’s basketball beats VCU


Patrick and I watched an exciting and dominant win for Temple men’s basketball over VCU heading into March Madness. We had great $30 tickets and a couple $6 beers.

I also ended up on Temple’s new big screen more times than I can remember.

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Bowling at Pep Bowl


The small, quirky Pep Bowl bowling alley in the basement of a health clinic in South Philadelphia was the site of a friend’s birthday party and I was happy to finally get the chance to have fun.

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Every few years, I reach out to longtime family friend Greg Babbitt to go out with him for a day of deer hunting. He’s an experienced outdoorsman and high school agriculture teacher.

We went out after a Wawa hoagie lunch, hunkering down in thorny brush on farmland owned by one of his students and sitting there for in the cold, with a gentle snowfall a week before the close of hunting season.

At dusk, a fox came as near to us as I had ever experienced before being startled when he realized we were there, but not even a spot of anything else, though we heard some deer as we got up to leave. Still, it was a beautiful day with a good friend.

Afterward we went out to dinner with my friend’s new wife, before I drove home out of the growing snow storm.