Every few years, I reach out to longtime family friend Greg Babbitt to go out with him for a day of deer hunting. He’s an experienced outdoorsman and high school agriculture teacher.

We went out after a Wawa hoagie lunch, hunkering down in thorny brush on farmland owned by one of his students and sitting there for in the cold, with a gentle snowfall a week before the close of hunting season.

At dusk, a fox came as near to us as I had ever experienced before being startled when he realized we were there, but not even a spot of anything else, though we heard some deer as we got up to leave. Still, it was a beautiful day with a good friend.

Afterward we went out to dinner with my friend’s new wife, before I drove home out of the growing snow storm.

Broad Street Run 2010

I ran the Broad Street Run again, after having such a great time running 10 miles through the heart of Philadelphia last year.

I started off by joining the Back on My Feet circle, but, even with the motivation of a few hundred members and volunteers, I ran slower than last year, having offered much less preparation.

Someone else took some video as some of the 30,000 runners took to the hot run around City Hall, nearly midway point. Hear the band playing nearby.


The mohawk I wore with Shannon on Nov. 7, 2008.

The mohawk I wore with Shannon on Nov. 7, 2008.

This isn’t my first mohawk, I admit.

My first was just a baby, though I did wear it into a Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee as I was covering state government in the Harrisburg Capitol.

So I couldn’t compete with the venue, but today’s mohawk was totally more legitimate. Two inches in length and a rock star outfit to boot.

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Niagara Falls

My parents took my sister and I to Niagara Falls when we were children, but sometimes you have to give something a second try.

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