Police helicopter shift


As part of my LEADERSHIP class, I won the chance to join half of a four-hour police helicopter shift this evening. We were in the air for more than 90 minutes, leaving from Northeast Philadelphia airport.

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Temple men’s basketball beats VCU


Patrick and I watched an exciting and dominant win for Temple men’s basketball over VCU heading into March Madness. We had great $30 tickets and a couple $6 beers.

I also ended up on Temple’s new big screen more times than I can remember.

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New suits


For $1,300, including tax, I bought four new suits: a buy one, get three deal, in which I paid very full retail price for a nice Italian suit and got three others. All in all, for not much more than $300 each, I got my hands on the first four tailored suits I ever owned.

I also got a haircut that turned out to be the first paid haircut since before I was a junior in high school.

Phoenixville Firebird Festival


The ninth annual Phoenxville Firebird Festival outside of Philadelphia welcomed some 15,000 people to watch a 30-foot wooden bird that took 20 days to be built by community members in a nod to mythology of rising from the ashes.

SACM and I went with friends who live in Phoenixville.

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Flash mob pillow fight

In Washington Square Park in Old City Philadelphia today.

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Cousin’s wedding

I had never been in a wedding before — indeed, the first wedding I ever attended was just this past August.

It was an honor to be a groomsman for my cousin’s wedding to his beautiful wife, with whom he has a child that I am proud to call my god daughter. It was a great weekend event.

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New Year’s Eve in NYC

We’ve spent the past few New Year’s Eves in Philadelphia, so we decided to do something different.

We visited friends in Manhattan, seeing the ball before escaping to Brooklyn for midnight, bocce ball and fireworks.

Personal 2012 Resolutions

Let’s look at the next year and remember last year by way of 12 months of goals. See my professional goals for 2012 here.

Above, that’s a photo of my colleague Alex Hillman with his famed ‘JFDI’ tattoo: just fucking do it.

2012 Resolutions

  • JANUARY: Do food better –whole wheat pasta; every other fries/chips; less food waste; new food each month; buy new types of food each month from the supermarket.
  • FEBRUARY: House stuff — Photos on stairway; Linen closet; bedroom bookcase; basement reclamation; Clean out closet/clothes, and donate unused
  • MARCH: Be funnier — Do another standup open mic; Tell a new joke each week
  • APRIL: Be fitter — Prepare for the Broad Street Run, do 10 pushups everyday, push for more basketball and running.
  • MAY: Write more creatively — Complete a finely, polished short story and set it aside for a new one; do this multiple times. Put together the story arc for a screenplay. Participate in a Story Slam
  • JUNE: Smaller memorable trips — Take a helicopter ride and weekend trips.
  • JULY: International Trip — Get abroad, meeting a goal of at least one global trip every year so long as I can afford it.
  • AUGUST: Domestic Trips — Visit my sister and go somewhere I’ve never been before in the country.
  • SEPTEMBER: Big Philly Things to Do — City Hall peak tour; Quaker meeting house; Girard Trolley to the Zoo; join the neighborhood Compost Co-op
  • OCTOBER: Speak smarter — Always speak slower, be more to the point, talk less, particularly in interviews and swear less.
  • NOVEMBER: Play some music — learn to play a single song on the guitar
  • DECEMBER:  Improve your finances — Max out Roth IRA, put some in a traditional IRA, refinance mortgage to 15-year, have more than $5,000 in my savings account (with goal of having a six-month emergency fund), too; Have paid down my student loans to perhaps be finalized in 2013; Donate to a charity; donate to This American Life.

Review of 2011 and such below.

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Hurricane Irene [VIDEO]

Before this weekend, only one hurricane was big enough, hyped enough and had big enough an impact for me to remember it. In 1999, I recall traipsing through my parents’s backyard, playing in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd, splashing in an overrun creek behind his house.

Twelve years later and back at his home to attend the wedding of a childhood friend, we hunkered down to take on Hurricane Irene, memorably one of the first, big storms in the social media age.

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Philly Geek Awards

At the first ever Philly Geek Awards Friday, Aug. 19, I presented, was part of three nominations, won an award with Technically Philly, had an all-around good time and shared quite a few thoughts on the matter.

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