Pizza Brain

As Time magazine, the New York Times and USA Today have reported, Pizza Brain, the world’s first pizza museum featuring the Guiness-certified largest collection of pizza memorabilia ever amassed, has opened in my Philadelphia neighborhood of Fishtown.

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Vegetable garden

Though it’s surely something I’ll continue long into the future, this summer I spent a little money and plenty of time on my first ever vegetable garden.

Two cherry different species of cherry tomatoes (sweet olive and lizzano, though I didn’t see a big difference between either) and two of the same mini-green pepper plant (cute stuff). They came in divinely, particularly as I gave more than a half gallon to each every morning. (I also planted out front a Vinca ‘cotton candy’ mix that came in beautifully and last much of the summer)

  • Turns out those little yellow flowers on a tomato plant is from where the tomatoes blossom.
  • I didn’t have many bug problems: some grasshoppers and worms I let alone, some flies that never really stayed, once some birds were checking them out but my cat scared them away.
  • Aside from a single tomato purchase for  a rush salad I  was making for a party, I didn’t buy any peppers or tomatoes all summer.
  • I spent probably $40 this year to start the garden, though it’ll be cheaper next year, and probably would have spent, say, $60-$70 on those vegetables throughout the summer.
  • I went to Greensgrow Farms for my purchases:  the tomato cages cost $5 each (though will be reused each year), the plants each cost about $3 each, if I remember correctly, and two bags of potting soil for $5 total.

Tailgating at Eagles-Jets NFL game

With friends and family, I tailgated outside of the Eagles-Jets game, scarfing beer, bratwurst, chips and, yes, hot tea.

The game was a hoot too — a 45-19 win for the Eagles to keep their slim playoff hopes alive in my first full NFL game.

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Sushi [VIDEO]

With $10 in a pound of sushi-grade salmon and a pound of sushi-grade tuna from Whole Foods, I hand-rolled sushi for the first time.

Each roll probably cost about $2 to make at most, as opposed to the $5 to $6 you could expect to pay in a store or restaurant. And they were surprisingly delicious and halfway decent looking. Cool. We did so while the Eagles got beaten.

I found that the difference wasn’t the quality, provided you get good fresh fish — and I think we did — the difference is that a professional can do the work considerably faster.

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Linguine Alfredo with lump crab meat

Bought lump crab meat, mixed it with a creamy Alfredo sauce and black pepper and tossed in whole wheat linguine.

I’m counting this as my August meal of the month.

Chocolate Banana Beer bread

Taking a basic bread mix that was due for some experimentation, I added a hoppy, 12-ounch Rowhose Red beer from my neighborhood brewery, chunks of bittersweet baking chocolate and a quickly spoiling banana. The result was much more tasty than I had expected.

Shake Shack in Madison Square Park

Today, I beat a rush that came on for the famed Shake Shack in Madison Square Park in lower Manhattan.

Wearing a Phillies hat and reading the latest Village Voice on Coney Island, I devoured a delicious burger with all the fixins, french fries and a vanilla milkshake.

It’s a great use of public space, and I was reminded how much I love eating something delicious with something good to read.

I was in Manhattan for an appearance by my boss on the Today Show.