Compost Co-op volunteer day and Temple football


In July, I joined the Philadelphia Compost Co-op, which happens to have its main drop-off just a few blocks from my home.

Since then, each week, I drop off a little coffee container of non-meat, organic material and food waste. I paid $20 for the privilege and try to make it out to quarterly group volunteer days, and I get some soil come spring in exchange. It also just feels good to do something better with my food waste.

I made it out to my first compost volunteer day, which was in the beautiful Palmer Cemetery this Saturday.

After composting, SACM and I took hoagies to meet friends and watch a heartbreaking but entertaining Temple football loss to UCF.

Ka Ho couchsurfer from Hong Kong


I met a new friend, Ka Ho, who is studying in Canada and from Hong Kong, visited in Philly. Here we are in my office.

Replacing window framing


As for the wood, it appeared to be finger jointed pine which sometimes has a bad section(and is fast growth) and rots. I replaced the sills w/ pvc trims which are rot free.

Mural Arts dinner




We visited the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

6th annual Gaul Street block party


It was our first block party on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. It was a smaller crowd but an active one.

We had our 90s cover band out again and a slip and slide.

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Paint ball


We went to play at Lehigh Valley Paintball this weekend.

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My 10,000 day and Roommate Bucket List weekend


In June, I crossed the 10,000th day of my life. In August, after two years of living together, my good friend Patrick, who also crossed a similar mark, was moving out of my home.

To celebrate, he and I had a weekend of celebration.

On Friday night, we had a trashy liquor party, where we had more than 20 people over to drink the leftover booze we’ve had in our home for years.

On Saturday, after brunch, chess in the park, basketball, pizza and the Phillies at the Piazza, a mini bar crawl, ending with city-wide specials at the Handle Bar and gambling at Sugarhouse Casino, all while wearing suits of course.

Then, on Sunday, we played paintball.

Check out our full itinerary here.

2013 Geek Awards


The third annual Philly Geek Awards was this Saturday and tons of fun. Find all the winners here.

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Goober wedding


One of my closest high school friends married his longtime girlfriend at the beautiful arboretum on the Penn State campus this weekend.

It was great fun.

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