Standing near my neighborhood grocery store while living in the Jiyugaoka neighborhood of Meguro in Tokyo, Japan in August 2006

When I was 13, I sat down in my bedroom of my parents’ home in rural northwest New Jersey and I composed a list of 26 things I had to do before I died.

From time to time, I have updated it, so that the list, now in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, is a more than 300-item syllabus for my life. It still governs the choices I make and experiences I want to have. It’s where my money goes and dreams lead.

I made this, a personal site for the public, to chronicle all of those items I have completed, those that are ongoing, others that have failed, and even experiences I have that weren’t on the list but perhaps should have been. I also include the everyday joys of life – events that are perhaps not list worthy, but simpler pleasures.

I hope to share it with everyone, to keep me motivated and to perhaps encourage any of you to do the same, however simply or extravagantly you choose. Please subscribe and follow regularly.

This site was originally launched Oct. 8, 2008, reintroduced and better updated as of Nov. 26, 2008 and then brought here in early 2011 independently hosted.

To pay the bills to accomplish items on my list, I am a freelance journalist in Philadelphia. Find out more about me on my professional Web site, ChristopherWink.com. After graduating from Temple University in May 2008, I was listed among the 100 top young journalists in the country.

Contact me here.

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