Bachelor party


It was a full on Atlantic City bachelor party weekend — driving down following a tailgating and Philadelphia Union match in the pouring rain and following through to a Sunday drive in traffic home.


We tailgated, danced, clubbed, swam, played beach soccer, drank in the sand, played Reinhardt Quizzo, ate sushi, drank, clubbed and plenty more.


His brother and brother-in-law bought him a friend we forced him to carry around town.









Following some wild times in an adult club, his brother had some drawing on his back, which managed to transfer to the hotel sheets.



In summer 2000 on a high school soccer field, I started a friendship with Brian Reinhardt. On Friday, 13 years later in the pouring rain with a dozen other friends, he and I watched a Philadelphia Union soccer match ahead of his impending marriage to a wonderful woman next month. It was a blast. Congrats buddy.


As bachelor parties are always, it was expensive, clocking in at about $450 ($46 soccer ticket, $150 for two nights in shared hotel room, $50 toward a couple dances for the bachelor, $20 for a t-shirt, $26 in club beers for others, $20 for two night of club expenses plus $45 in two nights of three covers, $10 for beer for the soccer match, $16 for a cigar and to cover for the rest, $35 toward sushi dinner and to cover the rest of the bill, $16 for breakfast, $12 in tolls, $20 in other drinks for me and Brian)

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