2009 New Year's Resolutions

I’ve decided to do my New Year’s Resolutions by month this year for two reasons. For one, I can accomplish more with more specific, better timed goals. I also can look back at more concrete accomplishments than broad year-long hopes.

They are simpler but better appreciated, I think. I also intend to start them in the signified month, but, if they carry-over, to continue them throughout the year.

Below, see what I’m hoping to do, month by month.

  • January – Pitch a single story idea to an editor every single day.
  • February – Start a running routine for the Broad Street Run, and follow it.
  • March – Decide where to live. Do I want to and can I buy? Where do I want to be during the summer?
  • April – Have a magazine pitch accepted
  • May – Complete the Broad Street Run
  • June – Participate in at least one stand up open mic.
  • July – Have a BBQ potluck for July 4
  • August – Take one trip somewhere.
  • September – Join a community group wherever I am livng.
  • October – Monetize one online side project: GrownAss, WDSTL, Hip-hop, or other.
  • November – Participate in Novel Writing Month
  • December – Month of reflection. Write resolutions for 2010.

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