Yankee Stadium: The Final Season

Myself, with my cousin Dan, my father, and my Uncle Mike in the bleachers of tonight's Yankees game.

I never was a Yankees fan.

So when I bought the dramatically overpriced tickets a few months ago for tonight’s Yankees game against the Chicago White Sox, it wasn’t because I wanted to see the team in action.

This is the last season professional baseball will be played in historic Yankees Stadium. Sounded like an opportunity not to be missed, though having family in New York and a few Yankee fans among them has made certain I’ve been to the Cathedral a dozen times or so through the years.

So I bought four tickets for fourteen times their $5 face value from a Web site, drove to Weehawken, N.J. with my dad, took a bus and three trains to the Bronx where we met my Uncle and cousin, diehards both, bitter about the Yankees dismal season.

Some dude caught four baseballs, including an Alex Rodriguez home run ball, and, though we left early and I don’t care, the Yankees won 9-2.

But seeing the fourth-to-last game in the House that Ruth Built is pretty cool.

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One Response to “Yankee Stadium: The Final Season”

  • Comment from Amanda Ruth

    **Silently shaking my head at that picture**

    Hope you had an exhilarating experience.

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