Newspaper Front-cover

I long-ago developed an affinity towards newspapers. So, it is no surprise I set my sights on getting a byline on the front-page, a cover story, A1 coverage.

So, today’s story on the cover of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette marks a big moment. See, I have had cover stories before, but it seemed to negate a rule of authenticity.

I had cover stories for The Temple News, but I quickly negate those as not being a professional product, though, I am quick to add, one that carries many professional standards.

Photo art related to a story I wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2006 made it to A1, but not my work. I also got a cover story with the Philadelphia Business Journal, but the niche publication has a smaller circulation than The Temple News. Recently, I got two great clips on the cover of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, but the paper, for those who know it, consider it a bit of a

The Post-Gazette is a sizable urban daily with a circulation of so-many and a long tradition. While any of my previous covers would likely count in my mind had I not furthered, only today do I consider that I truly bested this.

It is a double byline, so perhaps I will demerit this swing for another.

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